Looking for buyers!

Warmer weather has arrived in Oregon, and the Tiny Terrapin is close to completion! Jason is working long hours to finish up and we are looking for buyers. If you contact us now, you still have a chance for customization of the kitchen cabinets and fixtures.

I’m posting some new photos to the gallery, so be sure to look for the new trim work and flooring!

It’s Coming Together!

Our spring has been unusually rainy (yes, even for Portland!) and that’s caused Jason to have to set up all his tools inside the tiny house, since we don’t have much undercover outdoor workspace. There has barely been space for one person in there! He’s been whitewashing, drying and cutting wallboards inside the tiny, which made it look cramped and not at all picturesque!

Now that he’s moving on to trimming and details work, it’s cleared out enough to show it off! If you had trouble picturing the finished interior before, you should definitely check out the new gallery photos! It’s coming together.

What’s new? Jason finished the plumbing and electrical work last month, and is working on trimming out the interior now. I’m slowly getting the exterior painting done on those occasions when we see some sunshine. Stay tuned for flooring and cabinets coming soon!