On the Move!



Wow! It’s been a while… we have a bunch of new gallery photos to check out and a road trip to tell you about.


In December, we received an unexpected gift: a zoning violation from the city for building a tiny in our driveway. Because tiny houses don’t exactly fit into any current classification in city ordinances, it’s really unusual to receive a violation and most people don’t register their tiny houses until it’s time to haul them because at that point they more closely fit the description of an RV and can be registered as such.

Jason had to do a lot of calling around, getting referred in circles because (again) the ordinances just aren’t there for tinies yet. He finally decided he needed to insure it as a trailer and drive it to the DMV so he could get it registered.

For insurance, he used Michael Carmona at Farmers Insurance, and was very pleased with the service he received.

Then he hired Casey, who came highly recommended, to drive it to the DMV. He did an amazing job getting the tiny terrapin maneuvered carefully out of the driveway, to the DMV and safely back home again. Check out his business here.

Jason and I followed Casey’s truck in another vehicle. The terrapin did great on the road. Along the way, it was fun to see all the interest it attracted: people were taking photos and stopping to point and stare as went by. Hilariously, one woman on our small city street was getting out of her car while talking on her cell phone with her back to the street. She didn’t even notice as the tiny house rolled by her a few feet away as she walked up the sidewalk toward her house!

We arrived at the DMV, and after waiting in line for quite some time, found an employee, Brenda, who was very helpful. She wanted to be sure that what she was telling Jason was correct so he wouldn’t have to bring the tiny back another time. Because this was the first tiny to come through the Foster DMV, she called another person to be sure she had it right. It took some time waiting for a response, but in the end she gave us an RV license plate and registered it. That was a great feeling!

Completed since last post: plumbing system (nearly completed), walls insulated, ceiling baffles are in, chose exterior paint and started painting before getting hit with a cold snap and subsequent snowstorms (very unusual in Portland)

Still needs to be finished: electrical, insulate ceilings, tongue and groove hemlock for walls and ceiling, floors and cabinets, and many other small details


Now is a great time to start picking out interior finishes and details. Let us know if you are interested in buying or if you know someone who is. The sooner we have a buyer, the more involved in final details that person can be.