Check out our new gallery photos

Jason and Christina
Jason and Christina



It’s been a busy July, but I’m making time for updating the gallery. I hope you enjoy them, and please comment with any questions. We are happy to talk with you!

Author: icouldabeenamish

I'm a mom of two boys, married to their wonderful dad. Every day, I try to remind myself about what matters most to me in life: health, family and enjoying each day as fully as possible.

2 thoughts on “Check out our new gallery photos”

  1. How much will you be asking for this tiny house? It looks great! Composting toilet? Can it be hooked up to sewer?


    1. Hi Ingrid.
      Thanks – it has been really fun to build. I won’t know until I have finished the tiny how much to charge. Mostly I imagine it will be in the $45k to $60k range. I still have to purchase the interior surfaces and cabinets, so it’s final cost will depend on how much I need to factor my time in with the final material costs. I considered a composting toilet but decided that a RV system would be more universal. I had my plumbing system professionally drafted up by Gary Bute at Tiny House Systems 512-997-5402 an expert in the field. If you’re curious to see the Tiny feel free to stop by!


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