Week of Spring Break



This week was spring break for me (Christina). Since I was able to be with the kids, Jason put in a lot of time on the terrapin.

First he worked at putting up the roof rafters, then added the dormer shed roof. On each window, he put a double sill for nailing siding to later. Then he leveled out the shed.

He used cedar 2x6s for the loft supports, which will be exposed when done. These are on 2 foot centers, which he chiseled out for the loft to sit on.

The final step this week was adding brackets to attach the house frame to the trailer. It’s getting close to time for windows, roof and siding. Stay posted!


Author: Jason Lohbeck

I am the father of two boys, 5 and 8, and married to their wonderful mom. I've been a stay-at-home dad now for 8 years. Now that both boys will be in school full time in the near future, I'm embarking on a new business endeavor: building a tiny house to sell.

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